Road, metro projects to link Jewar airport on the anvil Read more at:

 Road, and metro projects to link Jewar airport on the Anvil

A high-speed rail link has been proposed at one of the terminals that will connect to Delhi in just 21 minutes. The Metro line from Greater Noida will also be extended to Noida and the north and east areas of the airport will be linked with roads.

"Unlocking the Potential: Latest Developments in Yamuna Expressway Sector-18 and Sector-20"

Explore the latest developments in Yamuna Expressway's Sector-18 and Sector-20, two thriving real estate destinations. Discover the growth opportunities, infrastructure advancements, residential and commercial prospects, and investment insights that make these sectors highly desirable for homebuyers and investors alike.


Welcome to the informative blog post where we will delve into the exciting world of real estate developments in Yamuna Expressway's Sector-18 and Sector-20. These two sectors have gained significant traction among homebuyers and investors due to their promising growth potential and numerous opportunities. In this article, we will explore the latest developments, infrastructure advancements, residential and commercial prospects, and investment insights that make Sector-18 and Sector-20 highly sought-after locations.

Rising Stars on Yamuna Expressway:

Sector-18 and Sector-20 have emerged as rising stars on Yamuna Expressway, capturing attention with their rapid development and promising prospects. These sectors have witnessed a surge in demand due to their strategic location, excellent connectivity, and proximity to major commercial hubs.

Infrastructure Advancements:

One of the key driving factors behind the growth of Sector-18 and Sector-20 is the infrastructure developments in the region. The government has invested in expanding and improving road networks, with plans for metro connectivity underway. These infrastructure advancements not only enhance connectivity but also boost property values and attract businesses to the area.

Residential Delight:

Sector-18 and Sector-20 offer a plethora of residential options to suit various preferences and budgets. From luxurious villas to modern apartments, these sectors provide a wide range of housing choices for homebuyers. The presence of essential amenities, recreational facilities, and green spaces adds to the appeal of these residential communities.

Commercial Prospects:

Sector-18 and Sector-20 also hold immense commercial potential. With the growing population and improved infrastructure, businesses are increasingly looking to establish their presence in these sectors. Upcoming commercial projects, office spaces, and business hubs are set to thrive, creating job opportunities and driving economic growth.

Investment Insights:

Investors have been eyeing Sector-18 and Sector-20 for their promising returns on investment. The appreciation rates in these sectors have been impressive, making them attractive destinations for property investment. The growing demand, infrastructure developments, and future growth prospects contribute to the positive investment outlook.

Connectivity Redefined:

Yamuna Expressway has redefined connectivity for Sector-18 and Sector-20 residents. The expressway offers seamless connectivity to major cities, airports, and railway stations, making it convenient for residents to commute. Improved connectivity not only enhances the quality of life but also adds value to the properties in these sectors.

The Rise of Sector-18 and Sector-20: A Closer Look at the Neighborhood:

Let's take a closer look at the neighbourhoods in Sector-18 and Sector-20. These sectors boast a range of attractions, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping destinations, and recreational spots. Residents can enjoy a vibrant and convenient lifestyle within close proximity to essential amenities.


Sector-18 and Sector-20 on Yamuna Expressway present a world of opportunities for homebuyers and investors. The latest developments, infrastructure advancements, residential and commercial prospects, and investment insights make these sectors highly desirable. Whether you are seeking a dream home or looking to make a sound investment, Sector-18 and Sector 20 have much to offer. Contact us at SKD Properties to explore the immense potential of these thriving real estate destinations and embark on a successful property journey.